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Nueva Narrativa
Apr 18

Nueva Narrativa

Nueva Narrativa is a space created to listen and read to others to understand other points of view, to learn from our past and move into the future.

To become the NEW AND NEW GUATEMALANS; those of us who will build the country we want to see in 10 years.

Guatemala requires a New Narrative; one that allows us to write another story, from another space, from a different vision. This requires a broad, inclusive base that highlights the various voices that make up our society. Exchange agents in Guatemala abound; what is missing is to raise your voice, tell your examples, exalt your resilience, know your challenges and visualize your obstacles.

This space today becomes the voice of this New Narrative; for those who believe in another possibility, a hope or at least a sounding board in which a different Guatemala could exist. From this space they will continue to listen to different voices with much to say, hoping thereby to add to the dialogue that leads us to build the country that each of the Guatemala that exists deserves.

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