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Eli Global Reform Foundation
Jun 03

Eli Global Reform Foundation

The vision of the Eli Global Reform Foundation extends far beyond the prison walls where generational incarceration begins. His ultimate vision is to help these men and women deviate from their current path toward a more productive and successful approach to life.

Through the resources we will provide, we are committed to helping produce enriched, educated, and empowered members of society who will contribute to the very communities from which they come.

At the core of our vision to reduce recidivism and rehabilitation is the understanding that if we are able to actively work toward our goals, we also focus on rebuilding family and community engagement. They can be the next generation of leaders to help reduce the recidivism rates of tomorrow. Leaders who can one day educate and guide the next generation of men and women in their communities before violence or incarceration becomes part of their history. The goal of the Eli Foundation is to reach the children and partners of the incarcerated by providing them with services that correlate with what is being done inside the prisons.

Our vision lies in every man and woman we help overcome and overcome these circumstances, to help lift themselves, their families, and their communities.

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