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Apr 18

Since its inception in 1997, AYUVI has been dedicated to raising funds to provide free treatment to patients who develop pediatric cancer in Guatemala, giving them the opportunity to fight with dignity against this disease.

His first great achievement was to see the birth of the National Pediatric Oncology Unit -UNOP-, a hospital that has become a reference center in the treatment of this disease, as it continues to be the only center specialized in the treatment of pediatric cancer, with a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach in Guatemala. In addition to providing medical treatment, they merged several elements in a comprehensive way that allows them to have a multidisciplinary team of professionals: psychologists, nutritionists, social work specialists, to name a few.

Currently they attend to around 150 patients in the Outpatient Clinic on a daily basis, some attend to receive their treatment, others for their regular control and others to receive a diagnosis and be able to be cared for. Additionally, in 2017 AYUVI Occidente was born an outpatient clinic located in Quetzaltenango, which serves patients from the area and the AYUVI Hogar Estuardo Mini located on the outskirts of Guatemala City.
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