BCS is nothing less than a unique Global Visionary Company specializing in corporate branding, print design and ALL of your marketing needs.

We are Innovative, Credible and Genius with regards to Graphic Design, Marketing Strategies and Item promotion, without question. Great designs and ideas cannot happen without passion, true vision, personal commitment and intelligence.

If your looking for help transforming your brand(s), union, corporation and or businesses with the courage of bold, refined and delicate ideas, then Batres Creative Solutions is the company for you! A one-stop shop, more than capable of providing solutions for your businesses marketing and advertising needs, whatever that may be!

Batres Creative Solutions provides the Best Creative Branding and Marketing Solutions for your business. Regardless of your Country, City or State we give you the special attention needed to create the best experience for you and your consumers.

Graphic Design

In today’s highly competitive economic climate, creating unique and personalized marketing strategies is key. Batres Creative Solutions will tailor a comprehensive company plan to help expand your business. From corporate identity development to the creation of marketing materials, our work reflects our commitment to building brand identities that resonate in people’s hearts and minds.

Services: Brochures, consultation, ad design, corporate branding, annual reports, and retouching.


Once we have helped you design your advertisement we will help you bring it to your audience. We offer a wide variety of printing services as well as consultation as to which printing process is right for you. Whether it is a large format or multiple digital prints on special martial we will get it done for you fast and professionally.

Services: large format printing, on demand digital printing, offset and printing tips

Large format printing gives you greater flexibility in displaying your advertisement or project. One can choose from all types of large format printing styles such as posters, banners, trade show graphics, meeting and event signage, full size people cut outs, business displays, etc…

Technology Services

Batres Creative Solutions is more than just artists we are also engineers. Our engineers have comprehensive knowledge of all levels of information technology so that we may provide full support to all our clients’ technical marketing needs. We take care of your infrastructure, software development and maintenance needs so that you can focus on taking care of business.

Services: Websites, Web Apps, Mobile Apps.

Web and Graphic Design Experts

Alvaro Batres, President of  Batres Creative Solutions, has more than 13 years experience in the Advertising + Visual Communications field. He has extensive background working with small and large clients in a diverse array of industries from corporate and financial institutions, pharmaceuticals, travel and tourism, to non-for-profit organizations.